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About our Founder:

BusinessJi was founded by Mr. Pardeep Kumar, who was always driven about Desinging and creativity. The love for creating desiger and Designing from childhood Right since then, from mortar and pestles, to formulating his own range, he considers ‘BusinessJi’ to be a really blessed experience.

The initial work for BusinessJi, in 2017, began from his Instagram. He formulated a couple of products and shared with her close family friends. Later, with increasing demands, he shifted to a bigger facility in MAndi Adampur,Hidar, Haryana which became her manufacturing unit.

At the age of 27, stepping out of his cocoon and aiming towards a career seemed too ambitious. But since then, this beautiful journey of developing a brand, giving people customized and desired products has been a blessed experience. Numerous exhibitions conducted, words spread, and then being promoted and love of cusomters, this turned out to be a brand.

Our Product Range: